Tuesday, 25 August 2009

First Stop: The Spaniards Inn

Firstly - Traveller will just say the obvious - having Mom & Dad Stuart here was wonderful.

We had many great chats, some lovely meals, some fun touristy journeys through London and a visit to our church. It went by way too quickly, and did result in some tears at the end, but T sure is happy that it happened.

But before T starts weeping on her keyboard, she is going to tell you about the restaurant that we just had to take them to.

The restaurant is called The Spaniards Inn and it is found right near beautiful Hampstead Heath. The Inn was built around 1585, and the upstairs room, where we ate, is exactly as it was then. Amazing! The floors are slopey, the ceiling is low, the glass in the windows is hand-blown and most of the floors and walls are wooden. It is so atmospheric that T imagines if you were left there alone in the middle of the night, you would probably start to feel a little jittery.

The best part about the Spaniards Inn is that it has so much history. Apparently a famous highwayman - Dick Turpin - used to stay there. A highwayman is a robber who travelled on the road and said cool things like, 'Money or your life!' The pub is mentioned in Pickwick Papers by Dickens and Stoker's Dracula. Also, it was frequented by famous Brits like Keats, Byron and Shelley.

We travelled there by taxi as well, which is always a treat, as British cab drivers are so knowledgeable.
We had a wonderful evening, which was made that way by good food, good wine and great conversation. And well, The Spaniards Inn was just a bonus.

There are no photos of the food because, as usual, Traveller was way too excited to think about taking a photo - and just dove right in!

Very ladylike.


Yes, it is tremendously difficult to get a photo of husband without a face like that.

photo of spaniards inn via flickr


Scott said...

Better add the Spaniard's Inn to our itinerary for next Feb. Sounds cool. Is the food good also? Now i was going to ask about the possibility of getting a "straight" shot of Nathan's face but you've already covered it. We probably need some professionals like the "Candid Camera" team to catch him in the act of normalcy.

The Gourmet Traveller said...

Hey there ;) The food is proper English fare - i.e. full of carbs, heart meals. This is definitely what we'll be after during February b/c of the cold! But we may need to walk home. Yeah the hubbie/face thing is out of control - I have many beautiful pics of our last week, and he is silly in each one! x


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