Monday, 17 August 2009

Traveller knows it's a little crass, but... she experienced her first trip to the loo, in the middle of a race!

Having expressed her concern for this particular moment, Traveller knew that it would have to happen eventually.

One thing that she learnt from the experience is: as soon as you need to go (or even think you need to go), go to the first bathroom you see!

The Nike Running Club has three courses: a 3, 4 and 7 mile course that each run through or around Regent's Park. The 7 mile course is two laps around the park and running around the outer circle means that there aren't many loos around. So, running past one (because she thought she could make it) was a very silly decision indeed! Two miles later (and in much discomfort), T remembered the position of another loo, and made her way inside the park.

The good news was that it only took about 3-4 minutes off her time, and it wouldn't have taken that if it wasn't so far off course!

The morale of this awkward tale: sometimes you just need to go and if you do, go as soon as you can - otherwise it can all end in tears (or stomach pains!).

photo via flickr

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