Sunday, 2 August 2009

Kicking up our heels at the scoop

Traveller is lucky to have a hubbie that likes to celebrate by doing something with a bit of 'culcha'.

This weekend we went down to 'The Scoop' on the Thames. The Scoop is an amphitheatre right near Tower Bridge which, during the summer, holds free events. You can see plays, films and hear music - all for free! The best part of the deal is the atmosphere; with Tower Bridge and many other icons in the background, it is a beautiful night.

While we were lining up for our bit of free London, we saw the lifting of Tower Bridge. We haven't seen this before and were quite excited. Yes, we are a bit nerdy like that.

We then entered the scoop, placed our picnic blanket down and commenced eating dinner while waiting for the show to begin. The agency which organised the job interview for hubbie gave him a bottle of congratulatory champagne, so we enjoyed that along with a few other yummies.

The play we came to watch was 'Medea'; it is originally by Euripides but was re-translated by Stella Duffy. Free theatre tends to attract a very diverse audience, so this version of the ancient play needed to be engaging and it was! The audience were on the edge of their 'seats' which was lucky, because T gets quietly rankled when people chat through live theatre (it must be the teacher in her).

So, Traveller and hubs enjoyed another fun and thrifty night in London. T wishes she had some photos to show you of the peformance but, as always, she was much too engrossed in the actual event to think of her camera. Next time!


Scott said...

How vengeful was that Medea?

The Gourmet Traveller said...

Pretty vengeful - she killed her children, her husband's new wife and her husband's new wife's father! That's Greek tragedy for you :)


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