Thursday, 28 January 2010

If only we were in Moscow.

Traveller saw this lovely lady on the stage last night.

Romola Garai is currently playing in Three Sisters by Chekhov at the Lyric Hammersmith and boy, it was fantastic!

The play itself was compelling and poignant, albeit a little bleak
{it is Chekhov!}

Flattie had a few tears and Traveller has been pondering the play's meaning all day.
The characters, like in most Russian plays, were facing dark and meaningless lives, which they were sure would be much improved if they living in Moscow. Sort of a 'grass is greener' tale.

It definitely made T think.

Garai was striking and skilled as one of the sisters and she was joined by a large and talented ensemble cast.

T is continuing to love theatre in London.
{especially because flattie has discovered that she is viable
for free theatre in London due to her spritely age (under 26!). She managed
to procure us super-close seats which were only three rows from the very front. Awesome!}

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