Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Let it snow.

Today, London was put on a severe weather warning. It is, hopefully, going to snow more than it has since 1962! Now, you should know by now how excited Traveller gets by the snow. Apparently it will keep on snowing all day tomorrow!

{ so, so excited}

The only negative in this extremely positive situation is that husband was told {half an hour before he finished work} that he has to stay in a hotel near work tonight! Apparently everyone at his newspaper company will be working from home on laptops and, as he is in I.T., he has to stay to make sure the computers are working! He is a little glum that flattie and T are going to be playing in the snow tomorrow while he is at work. Poor hubbie.

Still, nothing can hinder T's snow-filled-excitement.

The snow is just starting to come down and a few gleeful rounds of applause have already filled their cosy, London flat.


Trissa said...

OMG - I am so jealous! I love the snow as well! I learned to ski 2 years ago (I grew up in a tropical country) so when I see snow - it is really special! Lucky you!!

Roxana said...

it sounds like fun!

(i like your blog, it's very refreshing and fun. keep up the good work)

Welcome Home said...

I remember my first time in the UK and seeing snow was a very magic moment. When I went to run out of my office to touch it I went flying down the stairs as I didn't even consider the snow turns to ice. Ouch. Enjoy

The Gourmet Traveller said...

Hehe - sounds like we all like snow :) Love your story 'Welcome Home' - sounds like something I would do!
Roxana - thanks for your lovely comments!


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