Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Teachers have all the luck.

Primrose Hill Cafe

Primrose Hill Cafe Karyn

Jaime and Karyn

Primrose Hill 2

Both Traveller's husband and flattie had to work today because the snow wasn't quite heavy enough to deter London transport {shocking, T knows!}
However, both her and Kiwi friend's schools were closed!


We had a lovely day trudging through Primrose Hill and Regent's Park and also enjoying a nice hot drink at a Primrose Cafe.
And it gets even better... school is closed again tomorrow!
The snow is still falling really heavily and as Traveller works out in Zone 5 - it's even heavier there!

The holidays continue....


sweetromance said...

Brrr, it sure looks cold out. The Hot Chocolate looks good though. We've been getting our share of snow here too.

elledee said...

that coffee looks perfect! Pictures are too cute.

June said...

Snow days are amazing, but good heavens - in London? Enjoy your mini vacation! The first year big guy and I were married and living in Salem, OR I worked at a little private school quite a drive from home. A snow day was called so I went out on the deck with a ruler to measure the half inch on the ground and called my girlfriend in Calgary, AB to laugh. Hey, I'm Canadian - we know about snow!

The Gourmet Traveller said...

Thanks 'elledee' and sweet romance! Hot chocolate always seems to be the best thing on a snowy day!
June - your story is hilarious and so true! I think the whole world can't understand why Britain buckles under the weight of a little snow.... I have to admit..I do enjoy the snow days!

jen laceda said...

I heard London is having massive snow dumped on it! Happy New Year!


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