Monday, 11 January 2010

Ramsay, you've done it again!








This weekend, Traveller and her flatmates (old and new) went to Gordan Ramsay at Claridge's... and oh boy, T wanted to stay forever.

Claridge's is a whole new world in regards to service - the waiters were so attentive that T and her friends almost started to giggle at their exuberant helpfulness. Upon entering the room after a powder-room-break, T and her friends received a 'Welcome back, ladies' from one of the enthusiastic waiters.

And, after a waiter recommended a dessert to one of T's friends, he came by the table to make sure that she liked it. When she was a touch less than uber enthusiastic {because of some very minty icecream}, he sped to the kitchen to procure her an ice-cream flavour more palatable to her tastebuds!

It was just lovely.

And the food...
oh the food!

T's three course menu consisted of carrot and cardamon soup with wild mushroom {compliments of the chef}, parmesan risotto with duck bacon; guinea fowl with peal barley risotto and pinot noir glaze and finally, a chocolate fondant with mint ice-cream. Every single bite was oh so very delicious.

A London-restaurant-one-must-do-before-one-leaves.


A cupcake or two said...


Great blog. I cant wait to read all about your adventures. London is fantastic with a mecca of places to eat.

Trissa said...

I'm jealous! Have always wanted to try Claridges - tried to make a booking last year but we couldnt get a table! Maybe when I go in April... in the meantime, I'll just salivate over this post!

The Gourmet Traveller said...

Thank you cupcake or two! I have definitely put on a pound or two making my way around the delicious places to eat here. :)
Trissa... I hope you have luck next time you try! Are you coming in April? Have a fabulous time!

nifer said...

Your meal sounds like it was wonderful! I would love to visit Gordon Ramsey if I ever make it to London! I went to his restaurant in New York City last spring when I was there, and I died and went to heaven! It was the best culinary experience of my life. Albeit, the most expensive.

You are so right about the wait-staff as well... it's almost creepy. But, Chef Ramsey certainly knows how to run a restaurant! I love him.

xoxoKrysten said...

Mmm making me hungry all over again!

Adriana said...

Just found your blog through A CUP OF JO, will keep in mind the tip about Ramsay's restaurant, as I'm travelling to London in June. Although, as a fellow Aussie I'm not sure if I can look past the fact he called Tracey Grimshaw a lesbian, haha. Great blog, as a fellow expat (living in Dubai) it's great to read other people's overseas adventures


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