Saturday, 16 January 2010

Stars in my eyes.

The Misanthrope

Keira Knightley

This week, Traveller, hubbie and flattie went to see the lastest British celebrity on London's stage. Keira Knightley is appearing alongside Damian Lewis and Tara Fitzgerald in Moliere's 'The Misanthrope'.

Having seen Jude Law, Judi Dench, Kenneth Branagh and Derek Jacobi on the stage, it is something that Traveller has almost started getting used to. Almost.
{our little town in Australia doesn't quite receive this calibre of celebrity in their one big playhouse)

The play itself was fantastic - Moliere's script is intensely witty, dramatic and there were many laugh-out-loud moments. Damian Lewis lived up to his many flattering reviews and Keira Knightley was also fantastic.

The most amusing thing happened, however, after the performance. Traveller and flattie made their way around to the stage door...
{we know it's silly and perhaps a little stalker-like, but we really can't resist meeting the actors! Husband usually stays, but the temperatures were beyond arctic, so he quickly escaped down to the underground}

We were first surprised by the very large, black, tank of a car parked outside the door. Usually in London, the actors come out, sign a few autographs and then make their way on foot.

The first big actor to exit was the show's star - Damian Lewis. He came out very casually, signed a number of autographs and made his way up the street. A few minutes after this, a bodyguard climbed out of his enormous car and began to speak into what T assumed was a microphone in his ear. Moments later, Keira Knightley breezed through the doors, signed two autographs, made a sweeping call to the crowd 'Is that everybody?' {to which the many people waiting waved their playbills} Without waiting for the answer, she turned, pouted for the paparazzi, jumped in the car and screeched off into the night.

Traveller and flattie were in fits of giggles. This type of celebrity behaviour is so out of character in London. When we saw Jude Law in Hamlet, he was oh so very gracious, signed many autographs and posed for a few pictures. Following this, he simply sauntered off into the night. You even spot the odd celebrity around town attempting to live a very normal, bodyguard-free life. Just last week, Traveller and hubbie were in their local blockbuster, lining up behind a very casual Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

After having a little giggle, Traveller and flattie made their way to Piccadilly Circus, whereby they spotted Damian Lewis still allowing fans to take pictures with him. He then, very unassumedly, jumped into a black cab.

Quite refreshing, really.


VoR said...

Female celebrities have it a lot harder with the paps for some reason. Especially if they're young.
Look at how how they've hounded Sienna Miller compared to Jude Law, for example.

And stuff like this from the streets of London.

TLC said...

I would stand in the cold to see Damian Lewis. He is awesome.

BTW - I found this and thought you might be interested. It's all in the lighting apparently!


Roxana said...

aw, lucky you!

(gorge blog btw)

The Gourmet Traveller said...

Yeah VoR, I totally agree... it still was funny though!
Thanks TLC for the link - you have seriously ruined my dieting resolution with tastespotting! It's a killer!
And thanks for the kind comment, Roxana! I did feel quite lucky. Albeit, a little cold. :)


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